Thursday, August 22, 2013

Couch potato time bomb ticking with kids in the UK!

8-22-13: Came across this article in one of my networks...the US isn't the only country struggling with kids and inactivity! Check out this article and what they are doing about it. Sounds like a similar program to our Let's Move.

Not surprising the US has company, unfortunately! Good advice about getting parents involved and finding a sport or activity that engages the kids, that they enjoy. We do that with a variety of things here in SoCal. Started a homeschool mtn bike club and now we have kids from 6 to 16 riding with us 2-3x/wk. Great to see them start of having to walk up every little hill to becoming a confident mtn biker and helping other newbies.

My daughter was on a local club swim team from 6 to 13 years old and that was a great form of exercise as well. She enjoyed going to meets and getting all kinds of colored ribbons.

I like using the "enemy"--technology--to get kids moving. Programs like Zamzee is a great site for doing this, backed by research. Also, active gaming or exergaming is a great way to get the video generation moving at the same time. Companies like Motion Fitness are leading the way in this arena. Finally, there are many apps out there that are designed to get kids and adults moving. Mobile Adventure Walk is one such app where a parent can create a "treasure hunt" for the kids to do while going on a walk, similar to geocaching but you have to answer clues based on your surroundings to get points. It's a free app available on the iPhone.

Definitely need to meet this head on before we really start to suffer the consequences of this trend!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Yoga and weight loss

8-12-13: Came across this study on how yoga is an effective tool against the obesity epidemic. Check it out here!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Activity trackers: are they accurate?

8-5-13: Saw this post on FB and thought it very interesting. Remember, this is just one person so don't take it as a "study", but the conclusion is still a good one. Check it out!

Speaking of activity trackers, I just got my MisFit Shine today so am finally testing it out. Stay tuned for updates! Here's what it looks like on my arm. Very futuristic and minimalistic! For more info, check it out at: