Monday, August 31, 2009

Journal for Physical Activity & Health

Want to keep up with the latest research on physical activity and health? Then subscribe to this journal, just for us PAEs! It cost $85 for an individual subscription; $64 for students. For more info or to subscribe, go to Human Kinetics.

Monday, August 24, 2009

MSN Health & Fitness on Time's "Exer is Waste" article--exellent response!

Thanks to Pam Sampson for leading me to this MSN Health & Fitness report by David Zinczenko. It gives a very easy to read yet thorough response to the Time artcile (see entry below). Be sure to read this and pass it on!

Friday, August 21, 2009

National Society of PA Practitioners in Public Health

I just recently learned of, and joined, the NSPAPPH, and I highly recommend that all PA Evangelists join them, especially since it's a FREE membership right now! See how you can be involved with other PA Evangelists around the world. Click here for more info.

Time Mag's error on exercise!

The Aug. 17 issue of Time Magazine had a cover story on exercise and how it doesn't help you lose weight.

Then read the American College of Sports Medicine reply to this article.

See what even some of the researchers who were quoted in the Time piece say! I ended my subscription to Time in protest, given the situation our healthcare situation is in, and the importance on how exercise can be one of the most powerful medicines to fix things!

For more about the benefits of exercise, go to the website, Exercise is Medicine, and see how we need to get those other 49% of Americans meeting the minimum recommended amount of physical activity ASAP!!!

Glidecycle: newest invention for walking/running!

Welcome to this new blog for those who promote physical activity. I will be posting things that deal with physical activity in general here, so stay tuned!

For my first post, I want to write about a new company that just opened up earlier this year with an invention that allows those who can't walk or run, to do so! Whether they are an amputee, stroke pt, have bad knees or sore back, or are just overweight and it's hard to walk, much less run, well this device will allow all these types of folks to walk or run again!

Here's a picture of Bill, posing with the GlideCycle at a disability expo. Thx for the picture, Bill!

Check it out here at their website and you can see a lot of video clips of the Glidecycle in action:

I'm looking forward to demo'ing it very soon, and will post pictures and video of those sessions. I know, it looks "different" than what we've ever seen before, but from what I've read and seen on their website, it works! (When the bicycle first came out, everyone thought that was the most strangest device ever!)