Friday, January 21, 2011

President's Council on Active Gaming!

1-21-11: This is the FIRST time I can recall that I've seen active gaming (aka exergaming) blogged about on the Dept. of Health & Human Services website!

President's Council on Sport, Fitness, & Nutrition's Executive Director Shellie Pfohl recently authored a blog on the benefits of "active gaming" and the intersection between the use of this cutting-edge technology and the national objectives outlined in Healthy People 2020. To read Shellie's blog and/or post a comment, please visit

I had a chance to meet with Exec Dir. Pfohl after her presentation during the Fitness Tech session at CES a couple of weeks ago, and we had a good talk about how the President's Council can be more involved with active gaming. (It didn't hurt that I was able to mention that it was our work (Dr. Haddock and I) that got the Wii Sports listed on the President's Challenge list of exercises!).

We talked about the National Active Gaming League (NAGL), and she seemed enthusiastic about it, so I look forward to collaborating more with the President's Council when we launch the NAGL in May!

Ernie Medina, Jr.
Exergaming Evangelist/Interventionist

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Team CycleFit's 2nd ride

1-16-11: Gorgeous AM for a bike ride! For our 2nd ride of 2011, we doubled our numbers from our Jan. 2 ride with almost 30 riders! Check out the pictures in the Picassa album (click on picture). Stay tuned for info on our Jan. 30 ride, which will most likely be in the afternoon, time to be announced.

Team CycleFit 1-16-11

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vidclip of Team CycleFit's 1st ride in 2011!

1-2-11: Here's a short video clip of our first ride this AM (Jan. 2, 2011). Enjoy!

NYD Sunrise Hike

1-1-11: Here's a short video clip of our sunrise hike up Blue Mountain on New Year's day. It was the coldest hike yet! I was wearing so many layers and I was still cold, but definitely worth it!

Click HERE for the video.

Happy New Year!

Team CycleFit's 1st ride in 2011!

1-2-10: Team Cycle Fit took it's first ride in 2011 after a break of over 5 years! Thx to Cyclery USA's Craig Kundig and Jason for coming out and providing support. Depsite the cool weather and threatening forecast for rain, we had some brave souls show up and ride with us. Check out the pixs!

Stay tuned for our next ride, January 16, on the bike path again. (8:00 bike check/8:30 leave for ride).

Great way to start the new year!