Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HHS's new PA blog!

Just rec'd this in my e-mail...check it out!

Introducing the Be Active Your Way Blog

New Physical Activity Blog – Today HHS launched the new

Be Active Your Way Blog.

What is it? We designed the Blog to stimulate dialog among professionals who encourage Americans to get the physical activity they need according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. We’ve done this by asking several Supporter organizations to serve as Blog Contributors.

Where can I find the Be Active Your Way Blog? Visit us at .

How can you use the Blog to promote and increase physical activity?

· Visit the Blog each week to learn from and share with colleagues about how to encourage Americans to get the amount of physical activity they need. Look for this icon to subscribe to our blog RSS feeds .

· Comment on Blog posts written by your colleagues who represent leadership organizations in the field of physical activity. Share your experiences and opinions. Learn from others.

When are new blog posts available? We post a new blog post each week on Wednesdays.

Who can participate? Anyone interested in the conversation can participate! We do encourage Supporters and other professionals who work in the field of physical activity to share lessons learned in the comments.

Please Share this Notice with Your Colleagues!

Sponsor: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion sponsors the Be Active Your Way Blog.

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