Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newest Tebow Fan!

12-2-09: I like football, but don't spend a lot of time watching it, pro or college. I read about Tim Tebow in a recent Sports Illustrated issue, and was very impressed with what he does OFF the field (eg. mission trips to the Philippines--yeah!!!) more than what he does on the field!

Well I just read another news release about the Florida's Governor's Physical Fitness Council, which Tebow is the co-chair, and this made me even a bigger fan now! Check it out:

"Earlier this month, Governor Crist and council co-chair Tim Tebow invited homeschooled students to participate in the Governor’s Fitness Challenge. In the letter to all homeshooling families, Tebow shares how, as a homeschooler himself, he learned the importance of physical fitness at an early age. Homeschool students and students attending schools that do not participate in the challenge can participate as individuals simply by registering at"

Way to go, Tim! As a homeschooling parent, I applaud his stepping up for homeschoolers and their fitness. I wish CA and other states would do the same! Knowing that he was also homeschooled is another big plus in my book.

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