Thursday, August 25, 2011

Which burns visceral fat better?

8-25-11: Which of these--aerobic (cardio), strength training, or combination of both--burn visceral (i.e. belly fat deep under the abdominal muscle, not on top) fat the best?

This Duke study, just published, gives you the answer. Bottomline: aerobic burned the most the fastest. The combo burned the same.

Does this mean that I will not recommend strength training? No way!!! Do BOTH!!! Because if you're NOT doing strength training, then you will be losing lean mass (i.e. muscle) even if you're doing cardio, so why not do both and get the benefits of both worlds--burn visceral fat AND maintain (or build up) your muscle and bone!

Then that way, you can maintain a much higher quality of life. Also, having good muscle and bones will help you to do the aerobic better and more safely, too!

So don't throw out the dumbbells or TRX straps just both for maximum benefits!

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