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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 off to a physically active start!!!

Jan. 3, 2012: Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you had a chance to do some physical activity during this holiday season, not only to burn some excess holiday kcals, but to have a better life and enjoy the holidays more. ;-)

Most of you know things were rocking for us here at Team Medina. We had our traditional New Year's Day hike up Blue Mountain on Jan. 1, and then I had a great game of paintball (another very physically active fun!) on Jan. 2 since the clinic was closed yesterday. If you want to see some pixs of all of these, check out the following URLS of these albums on Facebook:

Sunrise hike

Noon hike


Also, I joined and started an account on MeetUp ( and started the groups, "Physical Activity Evangelists and Trainees" and "Team CycleFit". Will see how posting events there will go. If you're on MeetUp, join those groups so I can grow my numbers there.

Stay tuned for more PA related stuff in 2012!!!

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