Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obamacare and Lifestyle Medicine

8-28-12: Found this article to be an excellent review of Obamacare and the state of our healthcare system. It focuses on what is going to collapse our system, and that it does NOT have to head this way, IF we take the necessary changes NOW!!! Unfortunately, Obamacare fixes some things, but it does NOT address the CAUSE of the problem.

Please read this and see what I'm talking about. PA is a BIG part of what needs to change in our current healthcare system. Exercise IS medicine, as is nutrition...and we're not using either no where near enough in our current healthcare system. That's why it will continue to break down if we continue on this path.

Here's the article, by Dr. Hyman:


Let me know what you think!!! Do you agree or disagree with his analysis?

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