Monday, October 12, 2009

Dad on GlideTrak

10-12-09: Check out how my dad, a post-stroke (right side), is walking on the GlideTrak. Hasn't walked like that in years! (Note that the seat is supposed to be a bit higher to let him have a fuller leg extension, but we didn't have time to do all the fine adjustments.)


  1. Looks almost looked like you could sit down and still kind of walk at the same time! Work it Dad!!!

  2. This is great! I've not seen this video before. There are many more videos of people using the GlideCycle but not many of the GlideTrak.

    Is is possible for you to send me a copy of his to use on our website?

    Here are some more great stories of how exercise can change your life:

    This is the latest Mary Margaret video. She is 67yr old having problems walking only 8 weeks ago, now is running 2 miles 3-4 times a week!

    The next one is about Tony who had a spinal cord injury 2 yrs ago. He has come from totally paralized to being able to walk with canes and assistance. But recently he used the GlideCycle with his therapist and after only 45 minutes on the GlideCycle he's already walking faster than he's been able to do since his injury.

    This one is Lisa who is a double hip replacement AND double below the knee replacement amputee. While using the GlideTrak in therapy for the first time, she was running at a faster pace then ever before and for a half hour. The most exercise she's had since her injuries.