Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super paintball!

2-5-12: While many were prepping for some game where they would sit on their rears for hours, a group of us ventured out and created our own excitement on this super day to play. Sarah (in white t-shirt) is a student at CSUSB and an intern at my work, and her first time at paintball (though she brought out all her own gear! Fortunately, she left her Glock (sp?) at home! ;-) She also brought her boyfriend's mom out, Tammy (blue sweatshirt), and it was her first time, too. They both did very well and took their hits well.

In one game, Sarah and I were on opposite sides and I happened to come across her so had to take her out in a hail of paintballs! LOL! Wish I could've captured that on time! ;-)

One lady (wearing hat in pix) from my evening Total Wellness class even came out to just watch--I think she even brought her mom out! Glad they weren't hit by stray paintballs in our staging area. Whew!

Enjoy some of the pixs!

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