Friday, November 16, 2012

Exercise protects even if obese!

11-16-12: Another study just came out showing that exercise protects even if one is overweight or obese. This may be a big wake-up call to those who are in the "healthy BMI range" (below 25) but are inactive 'couch potatoes" because they die at 2x the rate than overweight execisers. Exercising has a protective effect against even other risk factors. To read more about this study, check out this link here.

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  1. This is very interesting to read... I am overweight and don't lose weight very quickly so tend to get discouraged if I exercise regularly and don't see the results I did when I was much younger. But I have to say that I do think I'm in pretty good shape in general ("round is a shape" lol)and that I feel great when I get my 5 miles of walking in every day. So thanks for the encouragement! ~Cynthia